Welcome to our


We are a church made up of ordinary people who are seeking to follow Jesus by hearing God’s word in the Bible, living out God’s word in our relationships and everyday life, and sharing God’s word with our whole community.

We believe that God’s word has a message for everyone, and we invite you to join us at one of our services on any Sunday to start to hear what He has to say and think about your relationship with Him.

What to Expect

We aim to have an informal but meaningful time together at all our Services. You won’t find a lot of suits, long words or religious rituals. But you will find an opportunity to hear God’s Word in a clear and gracious way. Our English services go for between one and one and a quarter hours, and you can expect the following:


We enjoy singing a mixture of contemporary songs and classic hymns that help God’s word get into our hearts. Our music teams aim is to make singing as easy and enjoyable as possible so the whole congregation can join in.

Bible Reading

Since hearing God’s word is at the heart of why we gather, we always take time to read from God’s word


God invites us to talk to Him, giving thanks, saying sorry for our failures and telling Him about our concerns and needs. During our services prayers will be said from the front and the congregation joins in silently in their hearts.


To help us explore God’s word, there will be a talk explaining the Bible reading and helping to apply it to life in the 21st century.


Our 9:00am service is especially designed to cater for children. There is a ‘Kids Time’ as part of the service and then children leave the service for their own kidzone program. We have a childsafe system to help ensure that the children’s program is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Morning Tea/Supper

We finish our services with a free cup of tea or coffee, a snack and a chance to catch up.