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Who we are

Cairns Presbyterian Church is a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds who are united by our trust in Jesus Christ.

As a Presbyterian church we have our roots in the reformation of the 16th century and we believe that we are saved by grace alone, we respond by faith alone, our leader and mediator is Christ alone, we are guided by Scripture alone and the glory goes to God alone.

Our number one focus as a church is hearing about Jesus from the Bible and supporting one another to live out the Bible in our every day lives. We’re convinced the Bible is God’s word and that it is the only place to turn if we want to meet Jesus, have a relationship with God, and learn how we were created to live.

We are always happy to welcome visitors at Cairns Presbyterian Church and there are locals and holiday makers joining us for the first time every Sunday. God’s word speaks to everyone, no matter what their background and we’d love to have you join us at any of our Sunday services.

As well as getting together to hear God’s word each Sunday, we also meet up during the week in smaller Growth Groups. These are small groups of between six to fifteen people that meet around the city to discuss the Bible and support one another in living it out through the challenges of everyday life.

We want people in all the different stages of life to hear what the Bible says about Jesus. We run a variety of ministries to serve different age groups, including kidzone for children, Youth at CPC for teenagers, a Young Adults group for school leavers – 24yr olds,  and monthly services at two nursing homes around Cairns.

Staff Team

Elders and Committee of Management

Cairns Presbyterian church, like all Presbyterian churches, is governed by a group of Elders and a committee of management.

Elders are elected from the congregation and meet most months in what is historically named a “Session Meeting,” and make decisions about the overall direction of our church and other ministry issues.

Our Management Committee is elected at the annual general meeting each year. Committee is responsible for the care and maintenance of our church property, our financial affairs and the care of our ministry team.

Our Current Elders

  • Alex Farquharson (Session Clerk)
  • Peter English
  • Colin Swinburn
  • Ron Lyons
  • Mark Mclaughlin
  • Jason Delaney
  • Morrie Cunningham (Emeritus)

Contact Us

    Office Phone



    PO Box 12073
    WESTCOURT 4870


    87 Sheridan St
    Cairns 4870


    Child Protection Policy

    Cairns Presbyterian Church, as part of the wider Presbyterian Church of Queensland, has a clear Child Protection Policy.  We use the ChildSafe System that applies to the recruitment, training, and process management of all those who work with children in the church. This includes a mandatory reporting policy for all disclosures of abuse.

    Privacy Policy

    In order to care for people who attend our church and enable us to serve God together we collect and store basic information (such as names, email addresses and phone numbers). We take privacy seriously and, as part of the wider Presbyterian Church of Queensland have a privacy policy.

    Learn More about our Child Protection Policy Privacy Policy